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Is your Water Truck an Asset or a Liability for your business?


If you are taking the time to read this the chances are you are a business owner or key decision maker within one of Australia's Key sectors:

  • Mining, Oil & Gas,
  • Agriculture, or
  • Civil Construction & Infrastructure.

Each of the above sectors has its own vast array of considerations and complexities.

Adding to this you've purchased or are looking to purchase a major item that is intended to derive an income or provide a key outcome for your business within one of these sectors.

"Now, what I have just stated is pretty obvious and right about now you might be wondering why you wasted your time opening this link"

I mean its pretty obvious right?

"At the end of the day this is a business decision and you're only purchasing the water truck to make money or solve a problem"

Simple! Right?

Well below you will find a quick list of common uses for Water Trucks. As you will see the list is vast and by no means complete, but hopefully you will begin to see some more thought needs to be put into this decision.

Common Water Truck Uses

  • Dust Suppression
    • Civil Construction Sites
    • Bulk Earthworks Projects
    • Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Water Delivery
    • Potable
    • Non Potable
    • Rural
    • Residential
    • Commercial
  • Waste Water Removal
  • Civil Construction & Earthworks
    • Moisture control for compaction
    • Stabilizer supply for roadworks
    • Proof Testing
  • Irrigation


The above list offers some incite into some of the Business Opportunities that may be available to you once you acquire your new asset. However, while most water truck manufacturers in Australia have built tanks to cater to all of the above a Water Truck is not a one size fits all.




Next is a list of just some of the features available on your new water truck. While these features may be available it's important to understand their impacts on both price and function and consider them all.

Common Water Truck Features

  • Front Road Wash Sprays
  • Water Cannon
  • Hi-pressure washer
  • Multi-configurable spray heads
  • Hydrant Pipe Fill
  • Reservoir Suction Fill
  • Top Funnel Fill
  • Batter Sprays
  • Gravity Sprays
  • Electronic Water Level Gauges
  • Hose Reel
  • Run Dry Self Priming Tank
  • Longitudinal Baffles
  • Roll Over Protection Systems


The combination of these features result in your final product and ultimately decide if it turns out to be an Asset or a Liability. If you'd like to see more Click Here

Going all in and asking for all the options (when you don't need them) might price that configuration out of your range. The tank and all the standard features may be perfect for you, but the price comes and you have been scared off because you asked for a cannon when you are only looking to do Water delivery contracts. Now you've gone to a sub standard manufacturer when you could have considered other configurations more suited.




On the other hand not having some features may affect your Tanks ability to service your needs, for example at the time of manufacture you work on Civil Road Projects and don't require Longitudinal baffles or an integrated Hi-pressure washer. Six months later you are trying to get a project on a Gas site and the tank wont pass safety inspection without the longitudinal baffles and the guys want a Hi-pressure washer to wash their machines for inspection.

The decision to purchase doesn't need to be complicated but if it isn't carefully weighed your investment might just become a liability as your newly manufactured water truck restricts your access to all those opportunities listed above.

When you finally find a manufacturer you feel comfortable with you may want to discuss the following three items during you initial consult.

  1. Current Requirements
  2. Realistic Future Requirements
  3. Resale Requirements

Finally, if you ever need any guidance Register Here and one of our experts will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Written by Damien